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plum crumble


Hannah made this for my birthday party in Donegal. Her puddings are gorgeous, I think my version comes close!

I stone and cut red plums into 8 pieces and fill a buttered pie dish. I sprinkle over some brown sugar and lemon peel. To make the topping, I  break up 100 gm of almonds in the mixer, add 100gm flour, 80 gm brown sugar and 100 gm butter and whizz to create the crumbs, which I spread thickly over the fruit. I fleck the top with butter and bake for 45-60 minutes at 180°C.

I would never serve a crumble straight from the oven. The fruit doesn’t develop a good flavour if it’s too hot. So, I usually plan to rest the dish 30 -60 minutes before eating.

PS. I almost forgot to take the photo, half had already gone!