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wild spinach omelette


Wild spinach grows around the malghe (cattle stations) on the alpine pastures of Asiago. We picked enough for a frittata (flat omelette). Locals call the plant “farinei” on account of the “flour” (farina) on the underside of the leaves.

I wash the spinach and cook it in a large pot. (There’s no need to add water.) When cool enough to handle I squeeze  the spinach dry. I sauté a little chopped onion in olive oil in a non-stick frying pan and add the chopped spinach, season and cook briefly. I dissolve a little flour in milk and break in four eggs, whisking them lighly with salt and pepper. I remove the spinach from the pan, add a little extra olive oil and pour in the eggs. I arrange the vegetable on top and when the underside is cooked, I put the pan under the pre-heated grill to cook the topside. I slide the frittata onto its serving plate. Good hot,tepid or cold!

Purists say a frittata should be made in a cast iron pan, should not contain flour and should be flipped with the aid of a large plate. That’s as may be, my way is simpler!