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sage and onion stuffing


I’m not stuffing a whole chicken or turkey today, I’m just making rolls of chicken breast with sage and onion .

i sauté a little chopped onion. Then in a bowl I mix the onion with a small handful of chopped  fresh sage,  2 spoons of fresh white bread crumbs, a generous grind of pepper and nutmeg, a spoon of parmesan and a little salt.  Finally, a dash of milk. I place a spoonful of the mixture on a thin slice of seasoned chicken breast and roll up. It makes sense to secure the rolls with a cocktail stick. I didn’t today and one of the rolls opened up as it cooked! I quickly seal the rolls in olive oil, add a splash of white wine, cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes. I uncover the pan and reduce the cooking liquids.

This would be good in turkey breast too. If I were to stuff a whole bird, then obviously the quantities would be greatly increased but I would also add chopped ham amd an egg instead of the milk.

pork cutlets


A fresher day today, the air conditioning is not on…yet. I made cutlets for lunch.

I bash slices of pork as thinly as possible with the meat hammer. Then each goes into beaten egg ang then into breadcrumbs. I cook them for a few minutes each side in olive oil, adding salt and pepper and sage leaves. I pat them in kitchen paper to remove excess oil.

The idea was to have plenty left over to eat cold, but only two were left!