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baked perch and potatoes


I like an all-in-one dish that cooks by itself, with little or no skill!

First I peel and finely slice three large potatoes and arrange them in an oiled non-stick roasting dish. I then add a few tomatoes (halved cherry or date are good) and stoned black olives,  season well and add a dribble of olive oil. I mix chopped herbs (marjory or thyme or parsley would do) with breadcrumbs. I brush three fillets of perch with oil and press them into the breadcrumbs. I place the fish on top of the potatoes, season, strew with what’s left of the breadcrumbs and add another dribble of oil. The dish cooks for 30 minutes at 200°C.

Perch is good value, but other thick fillets of white fish would work too.


Scallops on the shell are a bit sixties, but here goes anyway!
I remove the scallops from their shells, wash them and pat dry. I also clean the shell and fill it with baby spinach, a little salt and a dribble of olive oil. I make parsley butter with a little grated lemon rind. I place two scallops and a pat of parsley butter on top of the spinach. I put a little mound of sea salt on the baking tray so that the shells sit straight and bake for 12-15 minutes at 190°C.
We like the orange bit, but remove it if you don’t!002

fish in foil


This is good with any fillets of fish you fancy. I got tub gurnard (what?) from the fishmonger. Known  as gallinella or lucerna in Italy, it’s a firm fish of the mullet family and  is quite economical here. 

I place a portion of fillets in the centre of a square of aluminium foil, add  chopped tomato, black olives , capers and parsley and season with salt and pepper and a trickle of olive oil. I close the packages and cook them in the oven at 190°C for 15 minutes.

Couscous is a nice accompaniment (and quick!) but boiled new potato would be nice too.

fish kebabs


There were differing opinions round the table on the success of this dish! I thought it was fine, but others ( who shall remain nameless!) felt the fish was underdone and the whole was bland. A little curry powder or fresh herbs or even a splash of soy sauce would, admittedly, have added something. Anyway …

I cube a nice piece of monkfish , a courgette , a piece of red pepper and I also prepare some small slivers of onion. These I thread onto skewers and sautè in olive oil in a non-stick pan. I add salt and pepper and cook until done. The vegetables will be crunchy, so if you want them more cooked, I suggest you grill them apart  first.

I serve the kebabs with couscous and a salad.

fish quennelles with pepper sauce


I had a little cream left over from the chocolate truffles, so…it went in these fish quennelles.

First I prepare the fish mixture by putting a large fillet of perch in the Magimix with 50ml cream, two tablespoons of yoghurt, parsley, a spoon of parmesan, a dash of Worcestershire, salt and pepper. I then leave it in the fridge to harden up a bit while I get on with the sauce. I sautè two sliced peppers in olive oil with some onion, an anchovy and a dried chilli. This cooks for five minutes or so and then I liquidise the vegetable with a good glug of extra virgin olive oil. The best way to do this is by using the minipimer and its beaker. With the aid of two tablespoons I make the quennelles, which I then steam for 5 minutes.

The fish is very (too?) delicate and the sauce is very (too?) piquant. I quite liked the combination, but Augusta didn’t. She would have preferred a salsa verde.


warm spicy prawn salad


We had this as a supper dish, but it would be nice, in smaller quantities, as a starter too.

First, I remove the heads, shells and veins of the prawns. Then I prepare a salad with lettuce and some finely sliced raw courgettes. I dress the salad with lemon, olive oil and salt and arrange it on the plates. I roughly grind fennel seeds, cumin, coriander and one dried chili with a little sea salt. In a dry non-stick frying pan, I toast the spices for 30 seconds, add the prawns and stir until they have turned pink and become encrusted with the spice mix. (2 minutes about). I put the prawns on top of the salad and serve with a piece of toast.

Last night’s jury awarded this dish 10 out of 10!

fish cakes


I make these with perch (persico), which is cheap. But cod would be good too.

I mix everything in the Magimix: 400 gm fish (no bones!), chopped parsley, 50 gm pecorino, 50 gm breadcrumbs, 100 ml yogurt. pepper and a little salt. I take spoonfuls of the mixture and make flat patties. These I rest in the fridge for half an hour and then shallow fry a few minutes each side.

A quick sauce to go with them would be: yogurt, anchovy paste, fresh basil and olive oil.

I must admit that though these are good, proper fish cakes made with potato are better!

er Immagine

stuffed cuttlefish

Lunch today  was fish !

The cuttlefish  was ready-cleaned by the fishmonger.  I cut up the tentacles small, add a good handful of chopped parsley, some capers,  some grated pecorino and a spoon of breadcrumbs. With the mixture I stuff the body of the fish and secure with cocktail sticks. I put them into an oiled gratin dish, dribble over more oil and a sprinkling of salt and pepper, and cook for 30 minutes in the oven at 200°C.

This was to have been our lunch, but William came at the last moment so I also did some fish cakes. The recipe for those is coming tomorrow!



A special treat today as a reward for the supermarket trip.

First I make a citronette with lemon juice, freshly chopped thyme, a chopped fresh chilli, a little salt and extra-virgin olive oil. I cook the swordfish in a dry frying pan for a few minutes each side and sprinkle over it some orange flavoured sea salt. (Christmas present from Blandina!). I spoon the citronette over the fish on the plate.

Deliously simple. Horrendously expensive.


We ate this today with bread and a salad.