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cucumber and yoghurt


To accompany a chicken curry I made a small dish of  cucumber and yoghurt today. My version of a Greek and Indian classic.

First I peel and grate 2 cucumbers into a colander. I sprinkle over some salt  and put a plate with some weights on top. An hour or so later I squeeze as much water as possible out of the vegetable. I rub a bowl with garlic, add the cucumber, two or three spoons of plain yogurt and mix together with a fork. I add pepper and a little salt.

In today’s quick curry, I blended the meat with water rather than yogurt.

This raita or tsatsiki is nice with spicy dishes or as a dip.

cucumber salad


The summer heat is fierce. I cooked a lot of tandoori chicken this morning, so we can eat it cold for the next day or two. Very handy. Today I did a cucumber salad to go with the chicken.

I peel and finely slice 4 cucumbers. I put them in a colander with salt and cover them with a plate with some weights on it. After a few hours I squeeze as much water out of them as possible. I dress the vegetable with vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

I sometimes dress the cucumber as my mother would have: a little chopped onion, vinegar, mayo, salt and pepper, and olive oil. Other times, I mix the cucumber with yogurt, Greek-style.