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latkes and grilled chicken


I like grilled chicken breast in summer, and it couldn’t be  a simpler dish, as long as the slices of chicken breast are thinnly sliced. They just need 2 minutes on each side and a generous sprinkling of fresh herbs, salt and pepper. I often use chicken like this in a caesar salad buy today I accompanied it with potato latkes.

I grate some potatoes into a bowl of water and leave them to soak for 10 minutes. I drain the potatoes and put them into a clean towel and squeeze out all the water. I mix them with an egg white, a tablespoon of flour, salt and pepper. I fry the mixture in spoonfuls in olive oil in a frying pan, flattening each little mound into a patty shape with the back of the spoon. They cook for 3 minutes each side.