ricotta and artichoke quiche


Artichokes are nearly over now, so this will be the last time I use them this year.

First I make the pastry with 150 gm flour and 75 gm butter and a pinch of salt. I use the pulse option on the magimix, adding a little cold water to form a ball of dough. This rests in the fridge while I prepare the filling. I remove the outer leaves of the artichokes and pare the stalks, cut in slices and sautè in olive oil until just tender (I need to add a little water and cover the pan).  I mix together a ricotta with a few tablespoons of grated parmesan, an egg and black pepper. Then, when cool, I add the artichokes to the mixture. I roll out the pastry and fill a buttered and lined tin. I bake the case the blind (10 minutes covered in paper and beans, 5 minutes without) at 180 °C. I let the case cool, then I fill with the artichoke and ricotta mixture and cook for 25 -30 minutes. 

This is good warm or cold, but won’t keep for more than a day, so…

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