My microwave oven has a “crisp” function; that is, microwave and grill together. And there is a special plate to use, which has a non-stick surface like a normal frying pan. It’s brilliant for “grilling” vegetables, such as aubergines, fennel, courgettes, onion, even potatoes.

While I cut the aubergines into 1 cm rounds, I heat the special plate with the crisp function for 2 minutes. I place them in the plate, season with salt and pepper and a dribble of olive oil. They cook 6 minutes, I turn the slices over and add another dribble of oil, and cook a further 5-6 minutes.  I repeat the process for another batch. (The last batch cooks  more quickly, maybe because the microwave is really hot by then.)

Cooking aubergine this way is longer, but the results are excellent!

PS As you can see from the photo, we had the aubergine with a little chicken curry.



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