Globe artichokes have made their appearance in the market, so Augusta bought two nice ones from Luca yesterday.

I remove any broken leaves from the artichokes , trim the stalks and boil until just tender (10 -15 minutes, but test the stalks with the point of a knife). I also prepare hard boiled eggs and some raw vegetables: fennel, carrot , courgette and radicchio di Treviso. I make a vinaigrette with one part vinegar to three of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

I remember having globe artichokes for the first time as a student in Oxford , intrigued by this strange vegetable that was eaten by dipping each leaf in the vinaigrette, pulling the soft tissue off with your teeth and laying the discarded tough parts in a pile on your plate. Those I ate at that time had a lot of choke in the centre and weren’t much good. A fresh artichoke is another story! 


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