There’s no comparison between shop bought and home made orecchiette.

I make a dough with 100 gm semola (hard wheat flour) per person and  water. I use the Magimix, adding the water in a stream through the lid until the flour forms crumbs, which I then press together with my hands to form a dough that’s neither too hard nor too soft. This rests, covered, for 30 minutes. Then I take a portion of the dough and roll it out between my hands to form a long sausage , about 2 cms thick. With a table knife, I cut off a half centimetre piece and, pressing hard, drag it towards me. I open the little roll and shape it over my thumb to create the cap-like shape of an orecchietta. On with the next….! I cook the pasta in plenty of boiling salted water, remove them when they come up to the surface and add them to the pan of sauce (yesterday I made a tomato sauce with pancetta, onion and chilli) to toss.

I suggest googling “orecchiette” and watching a youtube video of someone making them, because it’s not easy to describe the process in words. It’s worth perservering.


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