chocolate truffles


Silvia gave a big birthday party, so we brought along some truffles for the coffee.

First I melt 400gm of good quality dark chocolate. I use the microwave, but you have to be careful not to burn the chocolate. I bring 200 ml of fresh cream to the boil and when it has cooled a bit, I add it to the chocolate with two or three tablespoons of brandy (rum would be good too). I leave the mixture to cool and  thicken for an hour. Then, I whip it with the electric whisk and  put the mixture into the fridge to harden.(another hour). Finally I take teaspoons of the mixture, form  balls, roll them in cocoa powder and place each truffle in a paper case.

Store in the fridge for not more than two or three days… but they’ll never last that long, believe me!


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