seven spice pork


Seven spice is new for me. Similar to five spice but with the heat of chillies…nice!

I cut the slices of pork loin into fine strips and marinate them briefly in salt, seven spice and a spoon of flour. Meanwhile I finely slice half an onion and julienne a carrot. I put 50 gm per person of angel hair pasta into boiling salted water. I stir fry the meat and vegetables and ,when browned,  add a good splash of soy sauce mixed with a few spoons of water. I drain the pasta (it only takes 3 minutes) and add it to the frying pan to absorb the soy juices.

Angel hair pasta works well, but you could use tagliolini or Chinese noodles,


2 thoughts on “seven spice pork

    1. mix ground star anise, ginger, cumin, clove , fennel ,chilli and cinnamon
      try asian shops in italy
      you’ll find it in uk supermarkets

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