My mother often served peperonata with fish! I like it with eggs, either scrambled or fried on toast. However it’s served, I think it’s important to cook peppers and tomatoes separately. If they’re cooked together it becomes mushy.

I sautè half a large sliced onion with two or three finely sliced peppers in olive oil for 5 minutes, season well and cover the pan for 5 minutes. I uncover and sautè briskly for a few minutes more. Meanwhile, in another pan I infuse a clove of garlic in a little olive oil and then add  a tin of plum tomatoes and salt and pepper.  I reduce the tomatoes to a thick sauce over a high heat.  I add the cooked sauce (without the garlic clove) to the cooked peppers and gently heat through for 2 minutes. A sprinkling of chopped parsley adds a fresh touch.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I have a traditional roast turkey dinner planned.  Fingers crossed it all goes well! Watch this space.



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