These make a nice supper dish, or, cut into small pieces, a good accompaniment to drinks. I sometimes cheat and use shop-bought flour tortillas, but home-made are (as always) best.

To make four tortillas I put 180 gm white flour, a teaspoon of salt and 40 ml olive oil in the mixer with up to 125 ml warm water to form a soft dough, which I rest in a covered bowl for an hour. I then divide it into four balls which I roll out into a rough circle. I cook these a minute each side in a hot dry non-stick frying pan, pressing down with a spatula should bubbles appear. I grate 60 gm of Asiago cheese per person and crumble some dried chilli on top. To make the quesadillas, I brush one side of a tortilla with olive oil and place it oil side down in the hot dry pan. I spread the cheese-chilli mix on top and cover with a second tortilla. I cook for a minute, brush the top tortilla with olive oil and turn over to cook a further minute. I repeat the process with the second quesadilla. 

A salad, a glass of chilled white wine…


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