I’ve never been able to make orecchiette, but I’ve discovered cavatelli, which  are a lot easier. This is the first time I’ve made them and there is definitely room for improvement.Immagine

First I make a pasta dough with 100 gms durum wheat flour ( semola) per person, water and a splash of olive oil. I leave this to rest for 30 minutes. Then I take a piece of the dough and, with my hands,  roll out a long thin sausage (1 cm diameter) and cut it into 2 cm lengths.  With two fingers I drag each length towards me on the board, forming a groove inside each piece. I leave them to dry for an hour and cook in plenty of salted boiling water. They need 4 to 5 minutes.

It sounds complicated, but the process is a lot quicker than any other fresh pasta I make.

A nice sauce could be fresh tomato or broccoli and anchovy. Last night I made a pepper sauce with onion, anchovies, pepper and tomato which was too rich.


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