wild mushrooms and pasta


I was lucky enough to find a few porcini in the woods, but when we got home I discovered we had no eggs to make tagliatelle with. So, with Teresa’a help, I made “pici” while Augusta dealt with the mushrooms.

She scraped away the earth from the roots,  wiped them clean with kitchen paper and sliced them finely. Then, she sautéed them quickly in olive oil with a little garlic, adding salt, pepper and fresh thyme at the end.

For the pasta I made a dough with flour and water (100gm per person) and a splash of oil. I divided the dough into pieces which I rolled out fairly thinly. This I cut into narrow strips which Teresa and I then rolled between our hands to form a sort of thick spaghetto. We laid them on a floured tray. When we were ready, I dropped the “pici” into boiling salted water. They took only 2 or 3 minutes to cook. I tossed the pasta in the pan with the mushrooms adding a little more extra-virgin olive oil.

Five very satisfied people tucked in!


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