greek-style baked pasta

Immagine It was cold and wet on Sunday morning, so we had this  hearty dish at lunchtime.

First I make the meat sauce: I sauté half an onion in a little olive oil, brown the meat and then season well with salt, pepper and cinnamon. When it’s well browned I add a glass of white wine and continue cooking gently for 20 minutes. I make a litre of white sauce (bechamel) and put a large pan of salted water on for the pasta. When the sauce is ready, off the heat I add a good handful of parmesan, two beaten egg yolks, salt and pepper. I cook the macaroni 7 minutes, drain them well and mix with the sauce. I then put a layer of pasta in a buttered oven dish, add the meat and cover with the rest of the pasta. I sprinkle some extra parmesan on top and cook in the oven for 25 minutes at 200°C.

The cinnamon is what gives the dish its distinctive flavour, so use a good teaspoon! I used  500 gm of mince meat and a whole packet of macaroni, so I had enough to make two dishes. The second one went into the freezer.


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