peppers on the mandolin

pepper 001

In the UK a “heavy” meal means you eat a lot; in Italy “pesante” means it’s indigestible. And for many Italians peppers are “pesante”. If this is not a problem for you, the following recipe is very useful when you want a quick side dish (or supper dish to eat with bread and cheese ).

Slice 2 peppers and half a large onion as finely as possible – the mandolin is ideal, but watch out for the fingers! Stir fry the vegetables in a non-stick pan in a little olive oil, adding  salt, pepper and a tablespoon of fennel seeds right from the start. When they start to colour, they’re ready. It only takes a few minutes and the dish is equally good hot or cold. If you need to make a large quantity, do two or more batches.


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