sunday chicken

chicken 001


It’s not Sunday, but it is a holiday. Chiara came round, so I had to quickly defrost some chicken breast to add to the pan. This is what I did…

First I split a poussin down the breastbone and browned it in a little garlic flavoured olive oil with a sprig of rosemary and sage.  I seasoned the meat well, then I added a half glass of white wine, let it bubble up,  turned down the flame and covered the pan. This would be enough for two people, but today I added a few slices of chicken breast. I seasoned the slices, added a teaspoon of chopped herbs (thyme and origano) and rolled up each slice. I added the rolls halfway through the cooking time.  I uncovered the pan for the last five minutes to colour the meat and reduce the gravy. Total cooking time was 30 to 40 minutes.

Supermarket chicken isn’t great, but I’ve found that supermarket poussin is acceptable.


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