We spent the weekend in London with Hannah, James and Betty. There was  a little smoked cod in the fridge, so a quick trip to the supermarket and all was ready for kedgeree, a dish I’ve always loved for some unknown reason.

First I boiled some eggs.  Then I poached some smoked cod and halibut in the same water for about 4 minutes, and finally some prawns for a minute. I sautéed some spring onion in a little oil, added curry powder,  2 cups of rice,  and salt.  I poured in 4 cups of water, brought the pan to the boil and simmered covered until the liquid was almost absorbed. I flaked the fish and halved the eggs and added them to the rice to warm through. A little chopped parsley on top. (Coriander would have been good too)

I use long grain rice for this. Basmati  is too delicate for such a robust dish!


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