chicken curry


Enrico and Angela  like chicken curry, so I usually make it when they come to dinner in Asiago. This is my everyday curry … I would do something more elaborate for my nephew and neice!

I put strips of  chicken breast into  a bowl with salt, 2-3 large spoons of curry powder and a spoon of flour. This marinates for 10-15 minutes. I stir fry the chicken until coloured and then add 2 spoons of plain yogurt diluted in the same amount of water. I continue stirring until almost all the liquid has been absorbed by the meat.  A little chopped coriander goes on top. Today we had the dish with some plain basmati rice.

The quality of the curry powder is fundamental. Italian supermarket brands are not the real thing.  I buy mine in the UK but you can get a good brand in Italian drogherie.



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