herb flat omelette

We have some leftovers for lunch today, so I’ve made a small  flat omelette.

First I sauté a finely sliced onion in a little olive oil in a non-stick pan. I prepare the omelette mix in a bowl: I mix a spoon of flour and a dash of milk, add four eggs and a handful of chopped herbs (sage and rosemary today) and salt and pepper. I turn on the grill.

When the onions are cooked I add the egg mixture and when it’s cooked underneath I put the pan under the grill. I slide it onto a plate: today’s  is my mum’s prized German plate that she served her apple tarts on.

Flat omelettes should be made in an iron pan. The pan should never be washed in water, only wiped clean with paper. To cook the other side of the omelette, it should be inverted on a large plate and  returned to the pan. My way is the easy way: non-stick and grill.



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