stuffed chicken roll

chicken 001
After breakfast this morning I prepared the roll. First I cut open a chicken breast, I put it between sheets of oven paper and bashed it with the meat pounder until I had a large, thin-ish rectangle. Then I made a flat two-egg omelette with herbs from the terrace (thyme and origano) and sliced some emmenthal cheese thinly. We often use cooked ham instead of cheese. I then seasoned the meat, lay the omelette on top and the cheese on top of that. With the aid of the paper, I rolled up the meat into a long sausage shape. Into the fridge for Augusta to cook while I went to work. This is called team work!
At lunchtime, Augusta put the roll into an oven tin, dribbled a little oil over it and and cooked it for 30-40 minutes at 180°C. She also sautéed some potatoes, which went very nicely indeed with the meat!


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