no tin apple tart

cauliflower 004

 I often make this tart in Asiago where I have no cake tins, but  a dessert is often called for!

First I blend 160 g flour,80 g butter and a pinch of salt in the mixer with enough water to form a ball of pastry, which I leave to rest in the fridge.  Then I peel and chop two apples (Golden Delicious works best), sprinkle on a little sugar and cinnamon (or lemon zest). I roll out the pastry on a sheet of oven proof paper into  a rough circle shape. I brush the disc with  egg yolk, leaving a 3 cm border free. I pile the apple pieces into the centre and pull up the edges to form an irregular crust around the apples. I finally brush the edges with egg white and sprinkle them with a little sugar. I lift the paper onto a baking tray and it goes into the oven at 180°C for 30 minutes roughly.

We ate it plain, but it’s nice with whipped cream or Greek yogurt.  You have to eat it the day you make it because the pastry doesn’t keep well. But this is not a problem!


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