artichoke lasagne

Terry and Lesley are arriving this evening, so  I don’t want last minute cooking. What better than lasagne?

First I’ll sauté  six chopped up artichokes  in a little garlic flavoured oil, adding a little water to aid the cooking process. Then I’ll soften the  shop bought pasta sheets in salted water  and drain on clean tea towels. Finally, the white sauce which I make the all-in-one way (thanks Delia Smith) by puttting a litre of milk, 50 gm flour and 80 gm butter in a pan and whisking until thickened. The sauce then simmers 10 minutes, occasionally stirred with a wooden spoon. Nutmeg , grated parmesan, salt and papper are added off the heat.

I butter the dish, put a little white sauce on the bottom, then a layer of pasta sheets, a layer of vegetable, a sprinkling of parmesan and white sauce, another layer of pasta and so on. I’ll finish with white sauce. Before it goes into the oven (180 C), I’ll sprinkle some parmesan on top with a few flecks of butter. It should take about 30 minutes.

On Saturday we’ll all travel down to Tuscany to spend Easter with our cousins and celebrate Uncle Walter, who would have been 80 on the 31st.


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