artichoke and potato

What an amazing vegetable, the artichoke! We like it baked in the oven with potato so that it retains a distinct bite. In  this part of Italy it’s often cooked to a dull mush.

This is how I prepared the dish last night. I trimmed the stalks and removed a few circles of outer leaves and the tops of 5 artichokes.  I halved them to check if there was any choke (none!) and finely sliced them lengthways into a mixing bowl. I added 2 potatoes which I finely sliced on a mandolin. I mixed them together with salt, pepper and a tiny amount of extra virgin olive oil. I then diced a little provolone cheese. (I use whatever hard cheese there is in the fridge).

So, into a lightly oiled oven dish went half the mixture followed by the layer of cheese and then the rest of the vegetables. I sprinkled the top with dried breadcrumbs, parmesan and a dribble of oil. I covered the dish with a dampened sheet of greaseproof paper and it went into the oven for 25 minutes at 200 C.  I gave it a further 5 minutes uncovered.

I like oven dishes like this because it means that you don’t have pots and pans lying around while you eat!


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