Marina brought me a beautifully coloured dish from Marocco and this is where I always put hummus, the Middle Eastern chickpea dip. I start by rubbing a clove of garlic around the bowl to give perfume without too strong a flavour ( and bad breath!). The rest is all done by the mixer.

So, into the mixer goes a can of chickpeas, a large spoon of tahini, the juice of a lemon, salt and pepper. After a quick whizz, I taste. Today was fine, but sometimes you need some extra lemon. Then  I add a spoon or so of water and whizz to form a smoothly consistent paste. I tip it into the beautiful bowl, dribble a little extra virgin olive oil on top and add a sprinkling of paprika.

Today we’ll have it with toasted bread as a starter, followed by a repeat of the orange, fennel and chicken salad (I had some orange sauce left over).  William is coming around for lunch and the chicken wasn’t enough for the three of us.

OK, if you soak chickpeas overnight and boil them for one to two hours the next day, you may feel virtuously authentic, but believe me a can works just as well!





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