wednesday’s lunch

Today is going to be quick Chinese style pork. Augusta and I will just have a salad with this and I’ll fill it out with a thick slice of bread. Augusta is watching her weight. If I’m making this for friends I would add egg noodles (Chinese or fine Italian) and red pepper and courgette.

I cut  slices of pork steak into thin strips. (if the pork steak is thick, give it a bash with a meat tenderiser first). These go into a bowl with a teaspoon of salt, five spice powder (lots!) and a spoon of flour to marinate while I prepare the vegetables. I thinly slice some onion and ginger (if I have it) and julienne some carrot. ( I sometimes do red pepper and cougette too). Ready now to cook in a large non stick frying pan. ( I need two if I’m doing this for 4-6 people.)

I stir fry the meat in olive oil (sorry, I’m sort of Italian and use extra virgin olive oil for everything) for a minute, add the veg and continue for another minute or two, then I mix a good dash of soy sauce and  a few spoons of water and add it to the pan. When the liquid is mostly absorbed, it’s ready. If I’m doing noodles, I’ll boil them 1 minute less than  packet instructions and add them to the pan when I pour in the liquid, pushing the meat and veg to one side and letting the noodles absorb  most of the soy sauce.

When William comes round for lunch, this is one of his favourites. Or at least, he makes the right noises. But he’s always very kind and wouldn’t hurt my feelings by saying it was horrible. So, who knows? Anyway, I like it and so does Augusta, who has no qualms in giving her honest opinion.


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